Bringing People Together To End The Poverty


The vision of the SIF is to create peaceful and prosperous communities by promoting values of non-differentiation and harmony .


Our goal is to upskill communities of farmers and to empower women with the help of technology and imbue them with qualities of professionalism.


To impart knowledge on attaining rural prosperity through sustainable living, empowering farmer and consumer by employing marketing strategies.

About SIF

SIF is a non-government organization (NGO), regarded as one of the most influential institutions globally working for a social cause. We believe in cultivating values and endeavor to help the poor under “every human irrespective of his caste, color, gender, and economic background deserves a life of equality, justice, and dignity.” We are focused on building secure and resilient communities and ensuring a life of dignity for all individuals.

Covid Management

Commits to support Covid-19 management along with DXN

Dr Lim Siow Jin, patron and donor, Chairman DXN, responded quickly to the crisis, by providing the airlift of oxygen concentrators from Malaysia by Spice Jet to support SIF to help India in Covid 19 management. SIF has started his charitable work to serve the humanity and work towards community development.



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Farmer Empowered

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Woman Empowered