Women Empowerment

Woman Empowerment Program

In India, the percentage of the female population is 48.04% compared to 51.96% male population. India has the highest numbers of exceeding the male population of 54.20 million. India’s ranking in the Global Gender Gap Report, commissioned by the World Economic Forum, declined from 108th in 2018 to 112th in 2020.We believe that women in our society stand a fair chance to prove their abilities and determine their own choices. Our foundation helps the women to initiate income-generating activities and provides an opportunity to experience the dignity associated with becoming self-sufficient. In this initiative, skills like sewing and stitching kimonos are taught by experts. It was of grave importance for women to understand their rights and we took up this initiative through the women’s collective enterprises. The absolute focus in training was laid on subjects like leadership and political awareness.  


Empowering Women

By establishing high-impact women’s empowerment approaches, advancing development for women in supply chains, and solving systemic obstacles collectively, SIF stimulates change for women’s empowerment and provides value. Moving forward with this concept, SIF took the initiative to create work for women under one roof where they stitch kimonos, masks, and zafu. SIF succours many women in earning a living and helping them to grow strong.

We are delighted that many women have expressed an interest in sharing their stories on the work platform; as part of our upkeep, we have recorded them to increase enthusiasm.