What is ‘gender’?

Gender is artificially imposed and although based upon biological differences between men and women, gender is socially constructed. As a social construct, gender roles, behaviors, attitudes and expectations are created by society and enforced by social norms. The Gender Inequality Index reported by the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) measures the rise and fall in the ratio of gender inequality. Higher percentage of gender inequality displays lack of growth and development and also proves that there are disparities between men and women. It evaluates the status of women in more than 160 countries and what is the growth rate in gender equality or decline.

Gender Equality

Despite the fact that we have started working on the targets to achieve gender equality, there is still lag and there are barriers to it. People’s participation is a must in the growth and development of the country. Starting Non-Government Organizations for Women Empowerment where they can start fund raising as well to run the NGO and include many activities like: educating rural women and teaching or training them in skills like sewing, weaving etc. so that they can become self-sufficient and financially independent.

Training women in self-defense to fight back and protect themselves. Free camps and Sessions for Women were they can have access to technology, learn about various aspects like health and hygiene, how to set up a small business, self-sufficiency and much more. It is not at all impossible to achieve all the nine targets within a decade but it requires maximum collective effort by all the countries. In more than 40 countries women hold positions in political leadership and are ruling on more than 28% of the parliament seats. These are achievements that need to be appreciated and hence these result in the filling the crucial gender gap. The 2030 agenda speaks out a whole different level of world where there is still disparity but maximum peace and prosperity across the globe.

Why Gender Equality?

Gender equality and empowerment of women are therefore the tools to live in peace and harmony. Woman in the society should be treated equally with dignity and respect. They should be free to make their own choices and decisions. Women are capable of moving mountains and therefore they should not be discourages or underestimated. The economy of a country is partially dependent on the position of the women in that country. Women empowerment will lead to rise in employment leading to rise in the GDP of the country. Happiness Index will also see a rise and also there will a growth in all spheres. The role of public is quantitatively and qualitatively more in the contribution to the fulfillment of sustainable development goals. Therefore gender equality can be achieved through collective participation.