The theme of the three L’s in a woman’s life can bring about significant social change. The 3Ls are Learning, Labor, and Leadership. SIF empowers based on the three L’s. They are:

  • Learning
  • Labour
  • Leadership


Let me initiate with Learning. This refers to the overarching importance of women’s education, which leads to the establishment upon which all else must be built. SIF educates female employees on their roles and responsibilities for them to work in a friendly environment. We are now all confronted with the enormous issues of the twenty-first century. We must all work together to support and educate women.

Remember that if a female is giving it to her all but fell far short of your expectations, and no need to censure her. Instead, tell her how pleased you are with the sedulous and dedication she has shown. Strive to be calm and keep in mind that everyone learns at their own pace and has varied skill sets. Encourage “effort over excellence!” as we often hear.


Allowing women to thrive and reach their full potential in the workplace. Half of the world’s population is filled with women. Regardless, they only account for around half of all economic growth. On a worldwide basis, men are more likely than women to participate in any particular field. To bridge this imbalance, SIF provides women with job opportunities and promotes women above men. Depending on their position, SIF pays an equal wage to all women and men. A woman can play any role she wants, and her standing is limitless. Although women get equal pay, they are not treated with the respect that they deserve at work. SIF, on the other hand, adheres to all of the rules and treats them with respect.


I’ve discussed labor and learning —the next one is leadership, which allows women to advance to the top based on their natural qualities and talents. We’ve all experienced the problem: the more you walk upon the corporate ladder, the fewer ladies you’ll see. We all recognize that women make excellent leaders and crisis managers. SIF fosters the development of women with exceptional leadership qualities.