Ordinary confidence is different from genuine confidence. Standard confidence is dependents on relationships and reference points. Often, when you feel confident, it’s because you’re comparing your abilities to those of others, or it could be due to something in the outside world to which you’re relating. So, what exactly is genuine confidence? Genuine confidence has little to do with comparisons and relationships. It’s based on a firm belief in your goodness and value, regardless of the circumstances. It is something that we can encounter through meditation.

Genuine self-confidence does not come from simply wishing it to happen. Even if we can see things clearly and identify the patterns, our habits are too deeply entrenched: we must break the methods. And how do we go about learning to do this? Through the practice of meditation. That is how we move away from dependency on other causes and conditions and toward self-assurance and happiness. When you meditate, your mind fills up with all kinds of ideas. Perhaps it’s that humiliating incident you keep replaying in your head. It may be a reaction to being wrongfully chastised. Maybe it’s just a fad. Whatever the case may be, you always return to the breath. Return to this basic sense of being each time.

What occurs is that you begin to separate yourself from the plot that your thoughts are presenting you with gradually and organically. The emotional thought process doesn’t appear as sticky and genuine; it’s less likely to take over, monopolise your attention, and damage your self-confidence. You may let go of the tensions involved with the tale when you relax into letting go of the storyline. It results in a strong sense of happiness.

As your meditation becomes more stable, you become more invested in that moment of bliss. It comes from being able to relax and rest in a natural state of mind without having to worry about all of the external reference points or the self-doubting thoughts they can bring up. Meditation practise is the key to discovering and developing genuine confidence in this way.

To be palpable, genuine confidence has nothing to do with being better or worse than others. We don’t build our true confidence by sabotaging others’. That isn’t how it works. This underlying goodness is within everyone, and everyone can connect with it. We may genuinely radiate our goodness and confidence when we connect with our virtue and assurance. As a result, rather than burdening people with negativity, jealousy, and competitiveness, we might radiate openness, acceptance, honesty, joy, and kindness, among other positive traits. Don’t you believe it’s a much better way to behave in the world? And it all happens as a result of meditation practice, the discovery of a basic sense of well-being and genuine confidence.

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