SIF was intensely and deliberately aware of the physical and mental problems that women face. We do feel women’s were all too busy taking care of their daily responsibilities to pay attention to their physical well-being. And, by the time they sought medical help, their disease had often progressed to the point where it was chronic or irreversible. Women’s physical and emotional well-being has traditionally been a neglected subject that has been treated with indifference from all corners, and this is still the case today system in which everything else is secondary.

SIF was also concerned about garnering any community support to maintain the same zeal and energy in carrying out aim of delivering basic healthcare to impoverished women. SIF had always wanted to reach out to them, educate them, and address their well-being by organizing health camps in the neighborhood, having been inspired.

The extraordinary reduction in mortality, which has dropped by more than half is one of the world’s major achievements over the last generation. Despite this, estimated women die each year, the majority of whom die for avoidable reasons. If children are the foundation of any civilization, women are unquestionably its most powerful pillars. Despite this, they frequently receive the least amount of attention.

SIF grew and drew in experts and government entities. SIF and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are constantly constrained in terms of funding, time, and project controlled regions, which reduces their total efficacy. So, while using existing governmental infrastructure, we established a strategy of extensive networking with private enterprises to secure a sustained resource basis for our work.