An Exceptional Learning Experience

I am an undergrad humanities student who has interned as a “Content Writer with one of the best NGO’s that is Sunyatee International Foundation. Firstly, I would like to state that: It was of great pleasure to work with SIF, a very progressive NGO which is on a continuous path to serve the community. This was my first stint in corporate world, and I did not know what to expect. However, my colleagues were extremely helpful and approachable, which made me feel comfortable working at SIF.

My Role

As a content writer at SIF I was lucky to get a high visibility project, because from what I hear interns typically get to work on internal systems. However whatever be the project, the learning curve will be steep, and I was prepared to learn new tools and technologies fast, in a short span of time.
Content writers play an active role in generating content for applications, websites, blogs, and labels which are proofread and approved by professionals. We provide the engaging content which can create a huge impact on readers. We prepare well-structured drafts using Content Management Systems.

I was again very lucky and it’d be no exaggeration if I said that I worked in one of the friendliest of teams in SIF. My manager, mentor and all the other teammates were very cool and super friendly. It’s rare to come by such a cohesive, friendly and helpful team. Over time I got to understand and appreciate the complexity of the system that silently works under the hood. As far as value goes, an intern is a 6 month full time employee. My opinion was highly valued, and I was given complete freedom to design & implement my ideas. Most importantly for me, I have learnt how to work with colleagues both within the Marketing team, and across the different departments. I had the opportunity to work on several projects with other departments, and I have learnt that communication and teamwork are critical for success.


The work culture at SIF is quite appreciating as it has organized and well-established weekly targets to be achieved. Meetings are conducted at regular intervals to keep a track of progress made by the interns working on their individual projects and group projects as well. All the interns are accessible to the work system of SIF and gain maximum exposure.

Through this kind of systematic and smooth culture I had a peaceful time working in here.  Apart from work, SIF conducts various events which allow colleagues to bond and get to know one another better.

What I have learnt?

I believe in: “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it” as quoted by Albert Einstein. Learning is a lifelong process and each day to my office was a new journey of two indispensable paths: acquaintance and acceptance. With professional growth I have also acquired a notable change in my personality development. I am now more conscious, calm and composed while decision making process in meetings as I have turned myself into a good listener before a good speaker. With ability to listen come thoughts of great impact. I have become more efficient and confident while working. I’ve been more accountable to my colleagues and had a great time working with intellectual and smart interns of the same age group. There were professionals to guide us and mentor us throughout our internship. It has helped me boost my communication skills, leadership qualities and enrich my qualities as a writer.

“I have acknowledged a new sense of professionalism and true meaning of practical work experience whiles this internship. I would advise everyone to take the opportunity and do an internship.”