Powerful yet Simple

Sunya is based on the teachings in Maha Anapana Smrti. Maha means great or advanced, Anapana means breathing in and out and Smrti means to hold your mind in focus without exerting any effort. Sunya is basically synchronizing our breathing with our body and mind. In Sunya everyone is allowed to follow their own religions and practices. We do not impose any sort of feelings and ideologies on them. We follow reverse counting as our main practice. However, we are careful of not crossing the line between worshiping and following. If truth be told, we actually ask you to discard reverse counting when you attain inner peace and make you focus on the breathing. Since Sunya is a concept that was started by Buddha, many people as that should we place a statue of Buddha at our Sunya center. To that the best way of acknowledging his contribution to Sunya is by practicing his teachings and not by placing a statue since that leads to worship. There are three stages of practicing Sunya. Since training your body is the most practical and easy thing to do, we start with the body. The three practices of Sunya are:

  • Training of Body
  • Training of Breathing
  • Training of Mind

At our centers we teach ‘Sunya’ meditation as a part of therapeutic healing. The solitary objective of this is to bring peace and prosperity. When our mind calms down, we have the ability to tap the power stored in it. This meditation technique has been revived by our Zen Master Dr. Lim.

How to practice Sunya?

Initially we ask our students to reverse count from 99 to 0. One count for every breath they take. This takes around 12 to 15 minutes. For those who cannot do it, we ask them to reduce the count to 30 and to reverse count from 29 to 0.

To train your body we follow the Panchasila. It comprises of 5 guiding views:

  1. You shall do no harm
  2. You shall not take what doesn’t belong to you
  3. You shall not disturb the harmony of any family and society
  4. You shall not make false claims
  5. You shall not intoxicate yourself

Peace and love can be achieved through regular practice of Sunya. Based on our calculations, if 3% of the world’s population practiced Sunya, we can achieve world peace and eradicate poverty. Chong, our engineer, applied this method and soon benefited from its results. He felt peace and serenity once again. With this, we can conclude by saying that through the practice of Sunya we can achieve peace and quietude by putting an end to negative thoughts and having a more positive outlook on life. Presently, we have more than tens of thousands of people who practice and follow Sunya. Our goal is to achieve peace and prosperity. If you have expectations from Sunya, you will develop a false dependency on it and it would be similar to worshipping a name or fame. Therefore the practice of Sunya is the real form of yoga.