Why Women Empowerment?

Globally, over 2.7 billion women are legally restricted from having the same choice of jobs as men. Of 189 economies assessed in 2018, 104 economies still have laws preventing women from working in specific jobs, 59 economies have no laws on sexual harassment in the workplace, and in 18 economies, and husbands can legally prevent their wives from working. There is a need to empower women because of the substandard sex ratio of our country i.e. 108 males per 100 females. There are multiple reasons behind this ratio among the women compared to men in India: the predominant culture of patriarchy in the society, forced to marry at an early age, poverty, lack of awareness, female infanticide and most importantly the absurd mindsets of the people who believe that a girl child is a burden to the family. Inequality in society and the major brunt of this inequality on women and girls has been present for centuries now. It has manifested in various forms, some geographies more affected than others. But gender inequality is a global phenomenon. There is cohesive agreement that the brunt of inequality is borne mostly by women, girls and marginalized minorities.

SIF believes in Self-sufficiency

Now, to remove all these barriers and spawn awareness among the population SIF has launched a program entitled “Women Empowerment” to initiate income generating activities for the rural women who lack basic needs.

Women’s economic empowerment includes women’s ability to participate equally in existing markets; their access to and control over productive resources, access to decent work and meaningful participation in economic decision-making at all levels from the household to international institutions.

We Stand Ready To Provide Our Support

The program proposed by our NGO focuses on women’s economic empowerment by training them in skills like sewing and stitching kimonos. This is initiated to provide an opportunity for women to experience the dignity associated with becoming self-sufficient. Financial independence represents the voice of a woman as it strengthens her to participate in various activities. When more women work, economies grow. We encourage female students to intern with our foundation by providing a wide range of learning experience through our internship programs. Our women interns are involved in decision-making process, hosting meetings and make recommendations whenever needed. We empower them by providing opportunities to work on individual and team projects. We also strive to bridge the gender gap and make a difference to the community.


This will also lead to the establishment of a new unbiased or unprejudiced society where we are all represented as humans first and not discriminated on the basis of gender. Our overall goal is to empower women and girls from poor and marginalized communities and make them realize their potential to lead the society.