The ultimate goal of practicing Sunya is to attain peace and prosperity. There are times when we need to ask ourselves:

“Why are we not happy?”

There are four reasons why this could happen. I want to address these reasons as four realizations.

The first realization is that the world is far from perfect. Despite there being numerous religions, none of them try to justify that our world is perfect.

Because it is a fact that it isn’t, if the world were perfect, the concept of an afterlife or heaven and hell would not exist.

The fact that exists is due to our world not being satisfactory and ideal. Two common problems pertain to this ideology; we either do not get what we want or are forced to do something we do not prefer. To achieve inner peace, we need to learn how to manage both success and adversities.

The second realization is that whether you are happy or not, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west; the earth continues its rotation and revolution. In short, time never stops for anyone regardless of their state of mind and well-being. So basically, the second realization is that our happiness is just our state of mind. It has no relation with how the world functions or any other external, physical factors.

The third realization is that happiness is just a mental state, and hence, we can train our minds to attain peace and happiness.

The fourth realization is that there are ways by which we can prepare our minds to achieve happiness. Some gurus and babas encourage practices like worshiping names and statues and forms. This doesn’t seem right, and you will not achieve what you put your mind to. Just like the world, our mind is not perfect as well. There are many complications, most of which can be overcome.

If there is an issue with the body, there will also be an issue with the mind since they are connected.

A healthy body enables us to have a peaceful mind. Once your mind and body are harmonized, you need to communicate with the environment.

The reason, body, and environment are three inseparable elements. If any one of them is harmed, the others are injured accordingly.

To synchronize your mind and body is the basic level of Sunya, and synchronizing your mind and body with the environment is the advanced level. The ultimate goal of practicing Sunya is to attain peace and prosperity