SIF is one of India’s largest agriculture non-governmental organizations. Because India is a developing country, the bulk of the population lives in rural areas, and their lives revolve around the agricultural sector for work and a means of subsistence. Agriculture and farming have long been important economic activities in India. With over two-thirds of the population working in agricultural or agriculture-related industries, understanding India’s condition and why they are struggling is critical. For several decades, the working environment and agricultural scenario have been static, and it is no longer a profit-making sector as it once was. It was, in some ways, the need of the hour to delve into the genuine difficulties about agriculture and correct them through our SIF, India’s Agriculture NGO.

Since then, the function of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has been vigorously promoted in all fields. SIF Foundation, an Agriculture NGO in India, is one such organization that has been actively involved in improving farmers’ lives and being their right hand in all aspects of farming.

SIF is based in India and is committed to resolving minor and major agricultural sector challenges. Our basic goal as an agricultural in India is to give services to farmers who require them. We believe we are capable of reaching out to farmers’ concerns, inaccessible locations, instilling creativity in their working habits, and achieving goals on their behalf that were before simply a faraway dream for farmers. WE, as an Agriculture NGO in India, are doing our best to establish intimate relationships with disadvantaged people to better understand their problems and work on them.

The SIF foundation’s major goal is to improve farmers’ working circumstances by launching better learning platforms and broadening their knowledge zone so that they can perform better in the industry. Our specialists and leaders will be available to them around the clock to provide them with the necessary skills and information to flourish in the current day. In India, we are also attempting to build, help, promote, execute, train, and give consultancy/advisement to interested farmers in current agricultural, horticultural, and farming operations in an eco-friendly, sustainable setting. We will also provide nonformal education and vocational training to farmers to educate them on improved farming practices.

Main objectives of the SIF foundation as an agriculture NGO in India

  • As an agriculture NGO in India, the SIF’s main focus is to improve farmers’ abilities to execute all jobs in their particular fields.
  • To offer an adequate chance to aspiring farmers by broadening their field of knowledge so that they can perform miracles in the future.
  • Conduct training and development seminars for the country’s farmers to sync the most recently created methods and innovations to use them, empower themselves, and improve their agricultural skills.
  • As an Agriculture NGO in India, we give a platform for resolving agricultural challenges in India.