In today’s world, there is a rapid change in society. For example, “Not only males but also women work in the fields, and both have equal opportunity and getting paid equally”. SIF follows the same principle, with equal opportunities and remuneration for women. Women Empowerment is the foundation of societal progress. Women who are well-educated and self-employed can assist their families to live in a better disease-free environment while also contributing not just to their family’s financial well-being but also to the country’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Domestic violence and other forms of exploitation are less likely to occur when women’s has raised voices of their legal rights. They are for political and civil leadership jobs because of their natural talent for organisation and well-rounded house management. Women’s recent engagement in political and social positions of power has resulted in a significant reduction in corruption in those areas, adding yet another benefit to women’s empowerment. In practically all industries, the demand for an educated female labour force has expanded due to the quick rate of economic development. Although women earn as much as their husbands, their job contributes significantly to family income and provide the family with the economic edge over households with only one breadwinner.

Women are gradually but steadily infiltrating earlier male-dominated domains. Despite their increasing numbers in every field, women remain possibly the world’s most underutilized resource. Many people are still unable to find paid work and do not maximize their abilities.

The disadvantages and challenges Indian women (particularly educated women) are no longer afraid to assert their rights and visibility in the home, public spaces, discourse and at work. It is necessary to widen our thoughts and work toward a future in which men and women collaborate, have equal rights, and respect one another. SIF creates an environment in which women are not afraid of the staring eyes and are that are around them but are brave enough to return the stare. SIF is actively involved in raising societal awareness.